It's clear the world is a different place right now, and things are changing rapidly as we find ways to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Our evolving role in responding with care and hope is something Donnie and I are both committed to.
First, we hope you are hugging your families a little more where possible, Zoom-ing with love for those you cannot hug, and diligently taking care of yourselves and the communities you care about. At our house, we've found finger painting in the fresh air to be cathartic! We will also be picking up delicious take out from Acreage, in support of a great spot and partner.

Second, as a small business, we are still doing all we can to fulfill orders on time. We appreciate, tremendously, the support and trust you have in us. Thank you. We are also working from home, and we have limited hours for our warehouse staff. We have made a commitment to our warehouse staff to continue to provide working hours in a safe and healthy environment - and we are not laying anyone off.

Next, the hospitality industry in Denver, whom we work closely with, is under extreme duress—the future is unclear for so many of our colleagues. This is the case across the country, too, as many have been laid off or are undertaking additional risks. We've recently donated to chef Kelly Whitaker's GoFundMe page, setup to provide 100% of proceeds to assist employees at their 4 locations: The Wolf's Tailor, Basta, Bruto, and Dry Storage bakery. Chef Kelly has been a tremendous partner for us and he and his amazing staff have had a significantly positive impact on the Denver hospitality scene. Here are some additional, meaningful ways to support health care workers and restaurant folk in Denver.

Finally, some of our key suppliers have shifted to making masks, and we are purchasing one time use and N95 masks to donate to healthcare workers here in Denver. The dedication and risks our medical professionals are taking is tremendous, and we are going to do all we can to support them.

We are sending you and your families all our best for calm and good health. We will get through this, together. 

A sincere thank you,

Lindsey & Donnie
Owners of Denver Modern
April 01, 2020 — Lindsey Price Criswell