Holiday Trends 2023: Cozy Holiday Cabin & Warm Winter Whites

Creating Cozy Winter Retreats: Design Tips and Product for Winter Living

As the nights grow longer and temperatures drop, our thoughts turn to the holiday season and ways to fill our hearts (and homes!) with joy. In this post, we look at two top holiday trends of 2023 and tailor them to our Denver Modern aesthetic. Below, you’ll find all you need to bring festive cheer to your home this holiday season.

Cozy Holiday Cabin

In Colorado, our winters consist of playing in the snow and huddling indoors afterward to enjoy cozy, long nights. The Avon Lounge Chair is the perfect spot for drinking hot cocoa (or something more substantial!) while watching chunky flakes fall on evergreen trees. Inspired by a cozy cabin getaway, we assembled a seating nook filled with lush textures, rich holiday colors, and playful accessories. Our design tips and product details are below:

Use lush colors for a rich and luxurious feeling interior.

 We played off the traditional red and green color scheme by selecting deep, saturated, and earthy-toned versions of red and green. (Malawi Rug in Amber, Odeon Table in Olive

Pay attention to the materials and opt for thicker and plushier finishes. 

The plush shag from the 100% new zealand wool rug feels fantastic underfoot and provides a visual cue to get warm and cozy. The same is true for the Himilaya fabric on the Avon and the thick, cozy Double Throw

Bring the outdoors in 

Against a sophisticated backdrop, even the most kitschy mountain and cabin accessories feel festive at this time of year. We love an excellent southwest-inspired print on the Pendleton Puff Pillow and mountain-inspired artwork paired with the natural stone candle holders. 

Warm Winter Whites

For those (like us) who love a minimal yet warm interior, we paired our Vail Lounge Chair with details to create a warm, winter-white wonderland indoors. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this aesthetic celebrates simplicity and functionality, creating a calming backdrop for indoor life. Anchored and inspired by Dan Hobday's gorgeous wintry landscape print, we put together a room that transports you to a snowy Nordic retreat.

Focus on the natural beauty of materials

We achieved this with the hand-knotted weave of the Nook Braid Rug, the visible wood grain of the Nordic Storage Cabinet, the stone of the Mountain Magazine Rack, and the hand-hewn matte-finished ceramic base of the Cain Table lamp. These tactile details add a subtle depth to the space for a warm, well-thought-out living space. 

Minimize your color palette and instead play with texture.

Though many of these pieces are white, the mix of textures creates a warm interplay between components. From the Boucle Cover of the Vail Lounge Chair, the velvet cover of the Talik pillow, and the thick alpaca and merino blend of the Urban Throw, each item adds dimensions to a nuanced palette. 

Add in a few contrasting pieces.

Doing so adds unexpected interest, contrast, and subtle dynamism to the feeling of Winter Whites. From the Natural Steel frame of the Vail Lounge chair, the black finish of the Arc End Table, and the blocks of dark tones in the Urban Throw, these bits of contrast add sophistication to the whole look. 

Embracing the essence of Colorado winters through thoughtful design can transform your home into a cozy retreat. With lush colors, plush materials, a touch of the outdoors, and the elegance of warm winter whites, you can create a space that welcomes you to savor the season's delights by focusing on natural beauty, texture play, and the strategic use of contrasting pieces, your winter wonderland awaits, ready to be enjoyed with hot cocoa, laughter, and lasting memories.

Range Counter Stools - Elevate Your Seating, Define Your Space.
Range Counter Stools - Elevate Your Seating, Define Your Space.

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Whether enhancing existing elements or completely transforming spaces, we offer superior support and resources to bring your vision to life. 

Free Design Consultation

Whether enhancing existing elements or completely transforming spaces, we offer superior support and resources to bring your vision to life.