5 Top Furniture Design Trends of 2019

1. Mixed Materials

Welded steel, hardwoods, marble, leather, and fabrics that last. Combining these elements elevates your space, adding a harmonious contrast that is key to creating an interesting room.  


2. Earth tones

You can't go wrong with neutral earth tones in your home.  

We've purposefully selected a palette inspired by the organic hues found where we live, so our pieces are timeless: natural oak, black walnut, nero marquina marble, and white carrara marble. Each material is selected for its unique texture and character. 

We also layered in durably elegant fabrics in cream linen and grey herringbone, plus, warm, brown leather that gets better with age.



3. Layering

When nesting elements together, you add a new level of depth and versatility to your space. Get the look with nesting tables, layered rugs, and accessories like pillows and poufs.





4. Statement Seating

Strappy details, leather pulls, brass accents. The right accent or lounge chair can double as a work of art in your home without compromising on comfort.




5. Soft Curves


Lose those boxy shapes and indulge in the shapely trend that is making a statement in 2019. Round corners, easy edges and smooth curves are what to look for this year.

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May 29, 2019 — Camille Condrey