Corvus Coffee Roasters

Phil Goodlaxson, the founder of Corvus Coffee, turned what started as just a hobby into a well-crafted, “small batch” style business. Now, Corvus Coffee Roasters have been serving up some of the finest, sustainable coffee blends in Denver since 2010.

Corvus Coffee - Furniture by Denver Modern

After establishing a booming espresso bar and roast works flagship on Broadway, Phil decided to take their delicious brews to a new territory with a strong appetite for coffee: The Denver Tech Center.

 Corvus Coffee - Furniture by Denver Modern

Having such a refined brand and product, Phil knew he wanted their new location to reflect Corvus' specific style and had a strong design vision in mind.

“Phil wasn’t going to settle for anything that looked like what other people might have. He wanted a truly custom furniture package that reflected his company's desire to deliver exceptional product and experience,” said Donnie Criswell, owner of Denver Modern.

Corvus Coffee - Furniture by Denver Modern

Donnie and Phil collaborated to create a perfectly unique space with all of the style and flavor of a Corvus cup of coffee. 

If you’re a coffee lover, make sure to visit Corvus Coffee at one of their Denver locations and enjoy their specialty cold brews or one of their seasonal blends.

October 03, 2018 — Camille Condrey