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Range coffee table featured in Apartment Therapy

February 18, 2019

Interior “insta blogger”, Sarah Litvinchuk, was looking for the perfect coffee table to complete her full home renovation when she found Denver Modern.

She needed something that would mesh well with her natural color pallet and modern, minimal style.

When asked about her inspiration for the project, Sarah replied, "I’m inspired by bright, natural color palettes, and outdoor elements such a light wood, rattan, and greenery. With all the business that’s happening most of the time, it’s calming for me to use one basic color, and then mix in natural pieces and differing textures to add character and warmth." 


Range Coffee Table Denver Modern Apartment Therapy

When she discovered the Range coffee table, it was a no brainer.

Sarah discusses her proudest DIY, greatest challenge, best advice, and when Apartment Therapy asks Sarah what her biggest indulgence was on this project, she answers, "It’s either our coffee table in the living room or the skinny bench in the entry. Definitely not the most expensive items we have, but some I love most! Both took lots of time and research to find just the perfect piece for the space, and I think that says a lot. When it’s a unique find that not everyone has, I think it’s worth the extra money one might typically spend on the item—plus it adds character, and usually has a story behind it.


Range Coffee Table Denver Modern Apartment Therapy      Range Coffee Table Denver Modern Apartment Therapy

"Our coffee table was made by a husband and wife team who own a furniture shop in Denver, and I love that. The bench I found on Etsy and was shipped from the Netherlands! When you can tell a story about where something came from it makes it that much better (and it doesn’t hurt when it’s plain gorgeous!)"

Read Sarah's full story about her California Mountain house makeover on Apartment Therapy.




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