2019: A Year in Reflection

2019: A Year in Reflection

Looking back at 2019, we are grateful for the homes and projects we've been included in. 

After launching our first product line, we sold out of each shipment of Vail Lounge chairs before they arrived in the US and found similar success with our Highline Bench. Our creative customers continue to excitedly send in shots of their Denver Modern pieces, motivating and inspiring us even more:



We also worked on several custom projects for restaurants, offices, retail stores, and residential homes. Big or small, each project is a way to create something magnificent, together. Some highlights include:



At Denver's unique Dairy Block, skincare company Aesop asked us to build all the custom fixtures for its first Denver retail store in a rich sienna hue that not only corresponds to the store’s site but also to the rocky formations of Colorado’s national parks – following Aesop’s philosophy to weave themselves into the fabric of their environment as they do in all of their store locations.



With our friends at Kimberly Timmons Interiors and for a client's residence in Napa, we designed a stunning and completely unique coffee table made of cottonwood.



We designed and built a record number of custom live edge tables for residential dining tables and office conference rooms.



Resolute Brewing Company approached us to help outfit the 2nd location in Arvada, CO with custom high top tables, chairs and patio furniture.

2019 has been a year full of growth, new partnerships, key learnings and opportunities, and lots of design inspiration -  we look forward to 2020. We wish you a prosperous and wonderful year ahead, also.
Stay tuned for the release of our spring collection of new designs as well as the opening of our Denver showroom!
December 27, 2019 — Camille Condrey
DDW Q&A with Modern In Denver publisher, William Logan

DDW Q&A with Modern In Denver publisher, William Logan

Every fall, Modern In Denver magazine hosts Denver Design Week, bringing together some of Colorado's most notable movers and shakers in the design world, from furniture to architecture, interior design and beyond.

We chatted with Modern In Denver publisher, William Logan, about this year's weeklong event, their favorite events, and what's in the works for next year. 


What is the reason behind a weeklong event like this?

WL: We believe that great design can change people’s lives and we want to foster dialogue about design and how it relates to our city and world. That’s why Denver Design Week was created three years ago - To bring the design community together.

What was new and different about this year's design week compared to other years?

WL: We definitely added more technology design sessions and held two keynotes each night to give attendees more options. And we held the majority of events at a model of urban infill development, Junction 23 at Denargo Market. It’s a great example of how older buildings can be looked at with a keen
design eye and transformed, instead of torn down.

Was there a Modern In Denver or a personal favorite, speaker, seminar or event this year?


Denver Design Week, Denver Modern


WL: Some of our favorite events this year included:

  • Zaha Hadid Architects’ Filipe Pereira who flew in from New York to speak about her last project that was just finished in Manhattan, 520 W. 28th and her Cove kitchen design.
  • Designer Hlynur Atlason’s keynote at Design Within Reach about the impact that design has had in his life and his latest projects.
  • Facebook’s Joyce Hsu, who heads up the social media giant’s “hardware lab” Area 404.
  • The closing party at Studio Como that featured models from many of Colorado’s foremost architecture and design firms.


Denver Design Week, Denver Modern


How do you rate the success of design week? How was this year's turnout?

WL: We had over 2,700 design professionals attend 35 keynotes, sessions and tours this year, we had over 500 party-goers attend the Launch Party and 300 guests at the Final Party at Studio Como. Every year we get bigger but try to keep the welcoming and community-feel to the events. It’s important to us that
attendees not only learn but make meaningful connections to other design professionals during the week.


Denver Design Week, Denver Modern


What is the process like for choosing presenters and discussion topics?

WL: It’s long! We spend a great deal of time making sure we schedule a wide range of timely design topics and then we scour regionally, and nationally in some cases, to find the experts in that field who are also lively and interesting speakers.

Were there any surprises and/or highlights this year?

WL: We loved the enthusiasm and active participation in each session from attendees. From insightful questions to the exchange of business cards, it was encouraging and inspiring to see so many connections being made. That was a definite highlight!


Denver Design Week, Denver Modern


What's the plan for next year's DDW and when do you start preparing for it? 

WL: We’ll only take a few weeks off and then we start the planning again for next year’s Design Week in mid-November. It takes months to develop the programming schedule, find just the right speakers, plan the
parties and tours, and then put sponsorship packages together for the forward-thinking companies who want to partner and be involved.


Denver Modern furniture at Denver Design Week


Denver Modern had a blast sponsoring this year's Denver Design Week lounge at Junction 23 (pictured above). Big thanks to Modern In Denver for putting together such a thoughtful event for the bright minds in the Denver design community! We're looking forward to next year!

November 08, 2018 — Camille Condrey
Stem Ciders' Acreage

Stem Ciders' Acreage

Award-winning chef and restaurant owner, Kelly Whitaker, delves into hospitality consulting to bring the Acreage vision to life with the help of Denver Modern. 
October 08, 2018 — Camille Condrey
The Park Tavern & Restaurant

The Park Tavern & Restaurant

A complete interior and exterior overhaul breathes fresh life into a Cap Hill institution.
October 08, 2018 — Camille Condrey
Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus Coffee Roasters

Creating a perfectly unique space with all of the style and flavor of a Corvus cup of coffee. 
October 03, 2018 — Camille Condrey