The FIQA Story: How it's changing the Vail Lounge Chair

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening! We want to introduce our newest addition to the Vail Lounge Chair—FIQA performance fabric. FIQA is the FIRST textile brand on the market that offers beautiful, durable materials with the ultimate softness. This type of textile is a whole new category offering a revolutionary approach that goes beyond the limits of ordinary fabrics! FIQA delivers a super soft feel with multiple performance characteristics! It is the fabric that does it all.

FIQA Ivory Woven

FIQA Slate Boucle

FIQA Dove Boucle

At Denver Modern, we knew our consumers needed something even more durable and family/pet friendly for their homes. And don't get us wrong, our previous Boucle and Linen fabrics are still a crucial part of Denver Moderns' identity, but we knew we had to step it up. So, let's look at some features that make this FIQA fabric revolutionary.

It’s Resistant

With FIQA fabrics, you won't have to worry about staining. You can clean the fabric with a damp cloth because stains won't penetrate. Even the water-repellent properties of FIQA work so well; all you have to do is wipe it clean until it's dry. Your textiles will remain fresh with the antifungal properties that FIQA has that combat the bacteria from stains and odors. Not to mention it's also UV resistant with UV-stable pigments used in the yarn. We can't even resist this fabric! 

It’s ECO-Friendly

The FIQA fabric on the Vail Lounge Chair is 100% polyester; if you didn't know, you could recycle it. The FIQA team also uses no water to dye the yarns, which meets OEKO-TEX® and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications. What makes this even more eco-friendly is the fact that Fiqa is PFC-free. The FIQA manufacturers didn't use harsh chemicals to protect this fabric that could cause harm to the environment, and it's safe for children and pets!

It’s Easy to Care For

A significant benefit of the FIQA fabrics is that they can be easily cleaned with soap and water or thrown in the washing machine for stubborn staining or hygienic purposes. Not only that, but it's bleach-friendly and pet/kid friendly! The resistance fabric prevents damage and pilling caused by excessive use, perfect for high-traffic areas in your home.

It’s Trade and Residential Grade

When we say this fabric is built to last, believe it. The textiles on the Vail Lounge Chair are wear-resistant, withstand abrasion and pilling, and have great results on the Martindale and Wyzenbeek test. Perfect for all uses and satisfies every market!

It’s Certified

There are three essential certifications of the FIQA fabric for the Vail Lounge Chair. The first is OEKO-TEX® which means no harmful substances are being used in the fabrics, making it safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Next, FIQA is IMO-certified, meaning the material in the Vail Lounge passes all the International Maritime Organization's safety requirements for flammability on commercial ships. And lastly, it has GREENGUARD. This certification is trusted for low-emitting products to achieve healthy indoor air quality! This eco-friendly fabric is paving the pathway for environmentally friendly fabrics.

We want to remind you that Denver Modern is introducing FIQA fabric to the Vail Lounge Chair mainly because of you. This soft and strong fabric is meant to make your life easier and reassure you that our Vail Lounge Chair is built to withstand your everyday life. Easy to care for, resistant, and eco-friendly, FIQA is the anywhere textile designed for your lifestyle.

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