Please review our Shipping & Returns for related information.

For our custom pieces, Denver Modern has been commissioned to make something specifically for buyer. That means:

1) Seller can only accept cancellations within 24 hours of the deposit being placed. Seller may not start production right away, but seller does purchase materials immediately. After the 24 hour period has ended buyer has agreed to commission the piece(s) and is obligated to pay the balance upon completion.

2) Seller is able to make changes to an order within 48 hours of deposit.  Any change to the piece may cause a change in price and lead time. After 48 hours changes cannot be guaranteed.

3) At the time of purchase a lead time may be given. If no lead time is given it falls into Seller’s estimated window of 4-6 weeks. This is only an estimate. Because pieces are custom made, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates. The lead time does not begin until a deposit is placed.

4) All of our materials are variable and subject to change. Each item is unique and is subject to variation in color, characterization, species, texture etc. Because each piece is unique, please review other examples of our work, or specific drawings or pictures we have provided to you, to confirm you are comfortable with the potential variation.

5) As is typical of custom pieces, Seller reserves the right to alter designs in order to improve a piece’s stability or function. Seller will notify Buyer of said alterations prior to the change being made.

6) Please allow for a dimensional tolerance of 1” on every piece.

7) Upon completion, the piece(s) will not be delivered until the balance has been paid in full. The balance must be paid within a week of notification, even if Buyer is not prepared to accept delivery. Seller is happy to hold the piece(s) for up to a week free of charge. Afterward Buyer is subject to possible storage fees.

8) Because each piece is made specifically for Buyer, Seller is unable to offer a warranty. Please ask any questions you may have in order to ensure proper care and longevity of your piece. As is typical with natural materials, there may be some cracking and color change to the piece, this is not unusual. If the piece(s) show faulty craftsmanship within 180 days Seller will do it’s best to repair. No piece may be returned without Seller’s written consent.

9) All floor model purchases are final sale. It is buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect all floor models in store prior to purchase.

10) In the event that any payment is refunded it is subject to a 5% processing fee.

11) Any custom designs or sketches are creative property of Denver Modern.

12) This purchase agreement is subject to change. Any changes made go into effect when they are updated on Seller’s website.