Insiders Story about Denver Modern

Insiders Story about Denver Modern

Insiders Story on Denver Modern

The greatest things take time, and Denver Modern from the start has been increasingly innovative and producing quality furniture that has become a family and home favorite.

What started as a hobby of making tables for one of our Founders, Donnie Criswell, soon turned into a passion for furniture design. When Donnie moved from Georgia to Colorado with his young daughter, he began a career where he had his own shop in Denver developing custom pieces, mainly wood and metal tables and chairs.

Over time Donnie refined his eye for design and honed in on an aesthetic that is comfortable, and fresh, with a focus on quality and rich materials that feel unique and timeless. The style wasn’t quite a New York or California look but was influenced by the rugged beauty and independent spirit of Colorado.

Once Donnie met and married our other founder, Lindsey Price Criswell, they began to develop a new brand around this rugged and independent aesthetic. They both are so proud and excited to be a furniture brand that calls Denver home and gets to connect with so many customers around the country. Their driving factor in this has been, “the desire to create a design perspective that brings joy, ease, and connection to homes across the country.” And might we add that they are doing an amazing job of making a dream into a reality. 

Read more about the Denver Modern Showroom and our Vail Series below in a short Q&A with our Founders!

Q: What was the path like to opening the showroom?

A: We had our eyes set on a very specific location in Denver that had the architectural elements for our brand i.e. tall ceilings, exposed wooden timbers, incredible natural lighting, and other details that we felt our assortment would display well in. After finding our ideal location we signed a lease and went to work designing the space and the product vignettes that would go into the space taking into consideration our goals of an ideal customer experience. Since moving into our initial space in 2019 we have since grown into one of the adjacent spaces to provide our customers with more products to review.

Q: How did the ideas of the Vail Lounge, Ottoman, and Stools come to fruition?

A: The Vail Lounge took over 1 year of constant refinement to develop. Initially, the idea was to start with a pillow-like cushion that sits atop a steel frame. Each of the materials included - linen, wood, leather - was carefully selected to be luxurious and organic for the ultimately cozy chair. At the same time, we wanted to create a chair that was as beautiful from the back as it is from the front so that every angle has an eye-catching story.  

We tested and restored “the sit” and sling shape of the Vail Lounge to achieve a deep Lounge. Over time, we have realized that the way a chair or stool sits is a true passion at Denver Modern. 

The Vail stools were an extension of the Lounge chair and the first inspiration was to ensure the back of these stools were a total mixed material knockout. So many of today's current stools are less than impressive from the back. We wanted DM stools to be the focal point of the kitchen - something you simply cannot look away from. The leather strap detail was born and to achieve the ultimate comfort for the sit, we developed the tufted cushion. 

As Denver Modern keeps moving forward we are so excited to announce that we will be having the grand opening of our showroom on October 27th, 2022! Come join us between 5:30-8:00 PM where there will be free food including wine and beer along with a fun raffle and the opportunity to check out our favorite pieces in the showroom. 

Sign up here to RSVP to our Grand Opening on October 27th at the Denver Modern Showroom in Denver, Colorado! 

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Counter High Vs Bar High: Which Vail Stool Height is Right?

Counter High Vs Bar High: Which Vail Stool Height is Right?

Counter High Vs Bar High: Which Vail Stool Height is Right?

“How do I know which stool height is right?” is one of the most common questions we get asked about the Vail Stool. Luckily, we’re here to help explain the difference between the Vail Bar and Counter Stools so you can get the right height.

These stools, inspired by the Vail Lounge Chair, take comfort to new heights while keeping quality and design at the forefront. We made a timeless modern stool that can fit perfectly in your home, but first, you need to know which is the right one to get. 

So what IS the difference between the Vail Bar and Vail Counter Stools? To put it simply, it’s the height of the stools. The height determines how comfortable your seating will be, where your knees fall under your countertops, and how the stools will look inside your home tucked underneath. These are arbitrary issues that we don’t often think about but are also some of the most important factors when buying bar or counter stools. 

Counter Height

Counter height is common with kitchen islands that are the same height as the countertops. This is a great gathering place in the kitchen that people gravitate to for chatting or food prep. Standard counter height is 35” to 36” above floor level, meaning your stool seat needs to measure between 24” to 27” from the ground. The Vail Counter Stool height is 25” and gives ample knee and elbow room between the stool, counter, and other chairs. But you have to double check that your counter is counter height.

Bar Height

Bar height is 40” to 42” off the floor and allows for comfortable eating and drinking while providing enough room for your knees without being awkward. A bar stool seat's height should be around 29” to 30” from the ground. The Vail Bar Stool seat height is 30” and can fit in the proper “bar height” space, giving ample room for your thighs and knees. Otherwise, if it isn’t, you will sit further back in the chair to avoid touching the bar/counter uncomfortably.

When you choose the proper stool height, you can maximize the comfort of the Vail Stools. The Vail Stool offers a perfectly cushioned seat for peak comfort that is great for dining, working, or relaxing! It is made from the highest quality materials and is built to last. All while the solid wood dowels, leather strap detailing, and steel frame give it that beautiful mountain modern look.


How many Vail Stools can I fit at my counter?

That depends entirely on your countertop. Measure your counter accordingly and then allow for 8” to 10” between each seat for stools that are 18” and wider.

How far do the stools lean back?

The Vail Stools go back about 2” at a 110-degree angle. At this angle you are able to have proper back support and comfortably sit, eat or use your laptop. 

What is the weight capacity for Vail Stools?

We have weight-tested our Vail stool at 300 lbs, and it passed with flying colors. The frame is made of welded steel, and the seat is a molded plywood shell which is not only great looking but very stable and could probably withstand more.

How durable is the fabric?

The leather we use on our Vail stools is corrected leather and has a very uniform and consistent tone and durability. The boucle we use is 100% Polyester and has a Wyzenbeek abrasion score of 100K+, so both fabrics are meant for long-lasting durability.

What are the dimensions of the Vail Bar & Counter Stools? 

Vail Bar Stool

Overall: 19.5" W x 24" D x 39" H

Seat Height: Front - 30"/Back - 29"

Seat Depth: 14"

Back Height: 39"

Foot Rest Height: 12"

Foot Rest Width: 17"

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Product Weight: 25 lbs

Package Weight: 80 lbs

Vail Counter Stool

Overall: 19.5" W x 24" D x 33" H

Seat Height: Front - 25"/Back - 24"

Seat Depth: 14"

Back Height: 33"

Foot Rest Height: 8"

Foot Rest Width: 17"

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Product Weight: 25 lbs

Package Weight: 80 lbs

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Denver Modern: Dedicated to doing better.

Denver Modern: Dedicated to doing better.

As a company that relies heavily on shipping, we know we’re contributing to the trouble our planet is in. But just like we wouldn’t settle for a subpar sofa, we won’t settle for a subpar sustainability effort, either.


In addition to designing furniture built to last, Denver Modern recently partnered with a new shipping service that’s dedicated to tackling the industry’s carbon problem with its offset program. It tracks our shipping-related CO2 emissions, helping us minimize waste where we can, and automatically calculates how many carbon offsets we need to purchase to make up for those emissions.

Here's how it works

  • You purchase a piece of Denver Modern furniture. 
  • We ship it to you in the most efficient way possible.
  • Our shipping partner tracks all the carbon we emit in the shipping process, including by ocean, air, truck and rail, and we purchase an equivalent offset.
  • This funding is then used by a wind farm or other energy efficiency project to produce enough clean energy to balance the scales, effectively removing the impact from the shipping.
  • You lounge with a little more peace knowing your purchase was part of the solution.

Just a few examples of the work that’s been done through the carbon offset program:

  • The Envira Amazonia Project will mitigate the release of more than 12.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, while also preserving the habitat for an extraordinary amount of biodiversity and directly benefiting local communities.
  • The Truck Stop Electrification Project reduces tailpipe emissions from freight trucks that transport our consumer goods all across the country.
  • The New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project is a gas-to-energy plant which produces approximately 3.3 megawatt hours of clean electricity. This landfill gas, which includes methane and carbon dioxide, fuels four reciprocating internal combustion engine-generators, producing power for the regional electricity grid, and reducing the amount of methane released into our atmosphere.

That’s the good news. But we always know there’s more work to be done, especially when it comes to protecting our planet. If you have any ideas for ways we can improve our sustainability efforts, especially as relates to the furniture industry, please share your feedback. We’re committed to continuous improvement, and going beyond sustainability lip service to walk the talk. It’s who we want to be.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just days away. If you haven’t yet found the perfect gift for your person (or yourself), don’t panic—nothing says I love you like the tracking number to one of these extra special deliveries, guaranteed to last longer than flowers or chocolate.

Quality is the essence in the Vail Lounge Chair

Center Disruption by The Holly Creative

A gorgeous textured print on matte canvas in a natural maple frame—like you and your love, it’s a package deal.


Estela Linen Waffle Throw

Cuddle up together inside pure, thick-textured linen with a cozy waffle weave.


Diana Chair

Show them they’re for keeps with this effortlessly cool, expertly designed chair made with top grain leather and solid wood.


The Perfect Vail Lounge in Cream Linen

Vail Lounge in Boucle

Lounging is for lovers. Show them you really care with our bestselling piece, the chair version of a hug. 

Quality is the essence in the Vail Lounge Chair

Mira Linen Cushion Pillow Covers

Woven in Portugal with the highest quality linen, these pillow covers will prove you put your partner’s comfort first.


Floor Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, you already know who is the fairest of them all. Get them this elegant glass floor mirror to prove it.


Mira Linen Striped Throw

The perfect pattern with a natural edge—this cozy, thick-linen throw will add interest to the living room or bedroom. 


Quality is the essence in the Vail Lounge Chair

Thin Trays

These trays are both beautiful and functional. Top with chocolate or fruit to sweeten the deal.


Lunch by Dan Hobday 

Gift your special someone this modern, minimalist and line-driven piece that will outlast all art trends. 


Like all of our furniture and accessories, each of these items are designed with an unwavering commitment to quality and beauty. For more gift-giving inspiration, browse our bestsellers.  

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The Perfect Vail Lounge Chair

The Perfect Vail Lounge Chair

The Vail Lounge Chair is the perfect chair. Here’s why.

There’s a reason the Vail Lounge Chair tops our bestseller list every year with reviews like “the world’s best chair” and “I could live in the Vail Lounge.” It was painstakingly and expertly designed for comfort and durability, to convey a modern look that would last a lifetime and with just enough options to make it the most versatile piece of furniture you can buy. 

Quality is the essence in the Vail Lounge Chair


Even the best design can’t overcome subpar parts. That’s why we start with the highest quality materials, including solid wood, real leather, premium grade steel and 100% linen, velvet, or wool. 

Our fabrics are performance grade and stain resistant, easily slipped on and off for dry cleaning—making them pet, kid and red-wine friendly.

Three layers of leather straps offer a sturdy yet naturally contoured base without the risk of sag, in a black, powder-coated steel frame that is virtually indestructible. This is a chair you can confidently pass down for generations. 


The Vail Lounge has a unique yet timeless modern design that works as a foundational piece for nearly any style. With color options ranging from bold to neutral, it can act as a statement piece or blend into the background, always elegantly.

Like anyone breathing air, we love a good lounge. That’s why we designed this chair from top to bottom to maximize comfort—perfectly plush cushions with just the right amount of give, the ideal contour for every body, and the option for an ottoman to fully embrace the lounge life. 

The Perfect Vail Lounge in Cream Linen


Every space is unique, and no one wants a cookie-cutter chair. We designed versatility into the Vail Lounge, so you can customize your look and make seasonal modifications to keep things fresh.

Our cushion covers come in four materials—velvet, linen, leather and wool— and 15 colorways, so you can handpick the perfect hue for your space or order multiple for built-in seasonality.

There is so much versatility in the Vail Lounge Chair
Vail Lounge and Vail Ottoman make up the perfect Lounge Chair


The Vail Lounge comes fully assembled and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No lost hours to complicated assembly instructions. No need to track down a foreign return policy from another Amazon scam. We’re never more than a phone call away. 

Want to test drive a Vail Lounge for yourself? Come visit us at our Denver showroom, or order up to five color swatches free for some IRL inspiration. Better yet, now you can view the Vail Lounge in your home through our new AR tool (using your mobile device), which allows you to get a sense of the scale of the chair and preview how it will looks in your space. 

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How to Style your Vail Lounge Chair

How to Style your Vail Lounge Chair

Your guide to creating a living space that brings joy

Designing a living space you’ll love begins with good bones—quality foundational pieces, built to last. So if you’ve purchased a Vail Lounge chair, you’re off to a stellar start.

While there is no definitive rule to styling your lounge chair, we believe these three general principles can guide you toward designing a room you and your people will love being in—because that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Buy once, buy well 

Trends come and go, but items you truly love will hold their value for much longer. So rather than going with the cheap blanket in a trendy print, destined to pill within a few washes, look for a beautiful linen throw you can picture yourself snuggling in with a future grandchild. 

When it comes to buying well, keep a few things in mind:

+ Ask yourself, “Will this be something I can pass down to my family?”

+ Choose items that inspire you.

+ Look for authentic design and high-quality materials that      accent your furniture pieces.

+ Simple is elegant. You don’t need to surround your furniture with too many products or pieces. 

Side Tables 






Cross your Ts: Tone and texture.

Tonality is paramount when it comes to creating that feeling of harmony in a room. A natural flow of color brings a sense of peace and connection that makes you want to sit and savor. 

Mixed textures lends comfort and adds interest—they help keep your space from feeling flat or one dimensional.

+ Try incorporating a variety of natural materials, like warm wood, natural stone and handwoven rugs.

+ Plants and foliage are one of our favorite ways to brighten a space while adding texture. 

+ Varying rich natural tones create a symphony of color.







It’s all about intention. 

This is key to making your home feel like you—it’s what makes a space seem intimate and soulful versus hotel-lobby generic.

+ Showcase special items like postcards, or quirky objects you’ve found like driftwood or your grandmother’s favorite vase—items that will bring you joy. 

+ Varying heights will create visual movement in the room. Choosing side tables, art, sculpture, floor lamps and vases of different heights will foster a natural flow of eye movement, so you and your guests can fully absorb the intentionally chosen pieces. 

August 12, 2021 — Maggie Shafer
Introducing the Mountain Modern Home

Introducing the Mountain Modern Home

Your design guide for elevated living at altitude.

The days of walnut log furniture and ornate bear statuettes are over.

We’ve reimagined the mountain home as a warm and inviting space, incorporating modern elements while still highlighting the organic materials and neutral colors that resonate with the natural environment.

Just like all of our design work, this home is people-focused. Every piece is hand selected and built for real living.

The Living Room 

In the mountain modern home, the living room is the heart of the space. We started with the Range Sofa to inspire deep comfort and conversation, paired with the Vail Lounge Chair and Parish coffee table—the perfect foundational pieces to establish this unique aesthetic. Striking florals and varied textures add interest, while the side table, magazine rack and modern painting (Stark 2 by Dan Hobday) add contrast by incorporating different shapes, materials and varying focal points.

The Vail Lounge Chair

Our most popular chair for a reason, this piece is luxury at its comfiest. 

Crazy cozy plush cushion on a sturdy but slender steel base with the warmth of wood and leather accents—this mixed material masterpiece is a must for every mountain home.

Dining & Kitchen  

The mountain modern kitchen and dining area is all about creating a clean, open, functional and calming space—with plenty of natural light and an inviting but intimate seating area comfortable enough for second helpings. 


With solid wood dowels across the back and a channel-tufted leather upholstered seat, these stunners are as beautiful from the front as they are from behind and create a counter-height dining option perfect for a casual coffee or working lunch.

The Highline Bench

Benches are an efficient and elegant way to solve storage problems and create more seating in your home. The Highline Bench features a fresh combination of linen, wood, and steel, creating an uncomplicated and unexpectedly comfortable seat.

Our solution for those moments when you need a sit, but could also use a hug. Its white oak frame and metal spindles make for a sturdy seat, strong enough for any mountain man, while the dense yet airy pillows make it the perfect spot for an afternoon power nap.


July 27, 2021 — Maggie Shafer
A message of hope and care

A message of hope and care

It's clear the world is a different place right now, and things are changing rapidly as we find ways to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Our evolving role in responding with care and hope is something Donnie and I are both committed to.
First, we hope you are hugging your families a little more where possible, Zoom-ing with love for those you cannot hug, and diligently taking care of yourselves and the communities you care about. At our house, we've found finger painting in the fresh air to be cathartic! We will also be picking up delicious take out from Acreage, in support of a great spot and partner.

Second, as a small business, we are still doing all we can to fulfill orders on time. We appreciate, tremendously, the support and trust you have in us. Thank you. We are also working from home, and we have limited hours for our warehouse staff. We have made a commitment to our warehouse staff to continue to provide working hours in a safe and healthy environment - and we are not laying anyone off.

Next, the hospitality industry in Denver, whom we work closely with, is under extreme duress—the future is unclear for so many of our colleagues. This is the case across the country, too, as many have been laid off or are undertaking additional risks. We've recently donated to chef Kelly Whitaker's GoFundMe page, setup to provide 100% of proceeds to assist employees at their 4 locations: The Wolf's Tailor, Basta, Bruto, and Dry Storage bakery. Chef Kelly has been a tremendous partner for us and he and his amazing staff have had a significantly positive impact on the Denver hospitality scene. Here are some additional, meaningful ways to support health care workers and restaurant folk in Denver.

Finally, some of our key suppliers have shifted to making masks, and we are purchasing one time use and N95 masks to donate to healthcare workers here in Denver. The dedication and risks our medical professionals are taking is tremendous, and we are going to do all we can to support them.

We are sending you and your families all our best for calm and good health. We will get through this, together. 

A sincere thank you,

Lindsey & Donnie
Owners of Denver Modern
April 01, 2020 — Lindsey Price Criswell