Your guide to creating a living space that brings joy

Designing a living space you’ll love begins with good bones—quality foundational pieces, built to last. So if you’ve purchased a Vail Lounge chair, you’re off to a stellar start.

While there is no definitive rule to styling your lounge chair, we believe these three general principles can guide you toward designing a room you and your people will love being in—because that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Buy once, buy well 

Trends come and go, but items you truly love will hold their value for much longer. So rather than going with the cheap blanket in a trendy print, destined to pill within a few washes, look for a beautiful linen throw you can picture yourself snuggling in with a future grandchild. 

When it comes to buying well, keep a few things in mind:

+ Ask yourself, “Will this be something I can pass down to my family?”

+ Choose items that inspire you.

+ Look for authentic design and high-quality materials that      accent your furniture pieces.

+ Simple is elegant. You don’t need to surround your furniture with too many products or pieces. 

Side Tables 






Cross your Ts: Tone and texture.

Tonality is paramount when it comes to creating that feeling of harmony in a room. A natural flow of color brings a sense of peace and connection that makes you want to sit and savor. 

Mixed textures lends comfort and adds interest—they help keep your space from feeling flat or one dimensional.

+ Try incorporating a variety of natural materials, like warm wood, natural stone and handwoven rugs.

+ Plants and foliage are one of our favorite ways to brighten a space while adding texture. 

+ Varying rich natural tones create a symphony of color.







It’s all about intention. 

This is key to making your home feel like you—it’s what makes a space seem intimate and soulful versus hotel-lobby generic.

+ Showcase special items like postcards, or quirky objects you’ve found like driftwood or your grandmother’s favorite vase—items that will bring you joy. 

+ Varying heights will create visual movement in the room. Choosing side tables, art, sculpture, floor lamps and vases of different heights will foster a natural flow of eye movement, so you and your guests can fully absorb the intentionally chosen pieces.