Vendor Spotlight: 

WOUD Designs

The Vail Bar & Counter Stools in Pearl Leather

At Denver Modern, we always want to bring new and exciting designs to our community. We are thrilled to introduce our latest vendor, WOUD Designs. This innovative brand is about looking forward and sharing a love for honest, modern design. Like Denver Modern, WOUD Designs began "in a tiny room filled with big ideas." This reflection allows us to revisit our humble beginnings as a brand creating an instant connection. We knew we had to bring their unique pieces to our collection from that moment. We can't wait to give you an inside look into the world of WOUD Designs and some of the products we will be featuring!

WOUD Designs is a brand founded on looking ahead instead of looking back. This approach is reflected in their collaborations with a wide range of designers. Each designer has a unique style but shares a modern interpretation of Scandinavian simplicity. Denver Modern focuses on the textuality of furniture and the feeling it creates in a home, so we want to feature some of our newest additions from the WOUD collection.

We love to pull ideas from the earth and the different landscapes it provides. So, when we saw the La Terra Tables from WOUD Designs, we were captivated. TerraScapes is a significant inspiration in design, bringing forth the raw tactility of veined stones, porous structures, and marbled surfaces. We also loved this about the Mountain Magazine Rack. The contrast of hard and soft, light and dark, represents what we love about the outdoors. 

The Vail Stools in Evergreen Leather
The Vail Stools in Wolf Leather

As we continued to bring the outdoors inside with fun materials and texture, we knew that we needed to include the Arc Coffee Table and Array Sideboards in our collection. The Arc Coffee Table adds a playful and light touch to the geometric-shaped design. While the Array Sideboards mix with patterns to achieve intriguing compositions. Those aspects colliding with the darker wood make for a quintessential piece for your home, working together to create something beautiful and functional.

Each piece in the WOUD collection is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality, so you can feel confident that you are investing in a piece that will last for years. We are thrilled to welcome WOUD Designs to Denver Modern, and we can't wait to see how YOU incorporate it into your space.

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