For regular maintenance, we recommend wiping down leather with a damp cloth and drying thoroughly. We recommend Feibings 4 way care for general cleaning and conditioning. 

For spot cleaning, we recommend using Lexol leather deep cleaner.


All fabric can be wiped with a soft, dry cloth for daily dust maintenance and we recommend using a dry solvent for spills.

For spot treatment and cleaning:

1) The first is an all natural one, if that's your preference.

2) The second is 303 fabric cleaner and is highly rated and readily available.


Our wood is typically treated with a waxed finish; as with any wood product, though, we recommend protecting your item with coasters.

Wipe the surfaces down with a clean, damp cloth. Wipe dry with a dry soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain.


While it is extremely durable, concrete is also porous. We recommend protecting your item with coasters if you do not prefer staining.

Wipe down concrete with damp cloth for general cleaning.


Wipe down metal with damp cloth.


Vacuum: It keeps dust particles out of the fabric, making it appear brighter. 

Soak up the stain with a white cloth by blotting (don’t rub).

Spot clean with (distilled) water and a white cloth.

Use a mild soap, water, and a white cloth. Dry clean or machine wash on cold and hang to dry. Note that you should do all pieces in the set so that the color is consistent.

*Most linen furniture will come clean simply using water and cloth. You might also use a gentle soap, although it’s a good idea to test this first as well. White vinegar may work for small stains and is a good natural, eco-friendly cleaning option.