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Styling with Lauren Using Natural Hues

We welcome spring with outdoor living, slowing down to enjoy the little moments, and prioritizing shared experiences. We keep mindfulness and well-being in mind in furnishing our outdoor spaces with ergonomic comfort, elevating colors, and a warmer approach to minimalism. So whether it’s healthcare, self-care, care for our belongings, or our culture, we create outdoor spaces that reprioritize well-being over work, community over competition, and the planet over profit. We hope you find inspiration in our Denver Modern designs to create your dream oasis this spring. 

Mood Board #1

Choosing color palettes and materials is one of our favorite parts of the design process at Denver Modern. Hence, Lauren's first mood board comprises "nuanced neutrals." The nuanced idea is to invest in warmed-up tans and grays for a timeless aesthetic, and one of the best things about this color palette is that you can incorporate it into all product categories. Lauren wanted to embrace colors like parchment in our Mira Linen Striped Pillow and chalk (see Braid Rug) to create a neutral range with a warmer cast on your living spaces. These soft, neutral tones also do wonders for plush silhouettes like our Vail Lounge Chair, making it feel cozy, homey, and oh-so-comfy! 

Mood Board #2

For the next mood board, Lauren wanted the room's focal point to be our Vail Dining Chair. The Vail Dining Chair still plays with that nuanced neutral tone, but Lauren diversified the color palette with "sunbaked pigments." This assortment of muted pink tints emerges as a new neutral to blend with nuanced colors cohesively, elevating textiles like our Malawi Rug in Blush. Taking the desert-inspired look to another level, Lauren added our Verse Round Dining Table to enhance the hard surface of the white oak and soften the furnishings surrounding it. These hues are naturally suited to stone and ceramics, for reference, the Cento Wall Hanging, as the shades enrich some often overlooked products.  

Mood Board #3 

Mira Linen Striped Throw

Enriched browns inspire the last mood board Lauren made. Lauren stated, "They create a bold and dynamic look for the Aspen Bench, highlighting the lines of the black steel frame." And when you explore deep earth tones, they create complexity to hard and soft materials similar to sunbaked pigments! The earth tones in this mood board create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, especially when paired with the Nomad Kalmia Rug. Rich brown hues from the Utilitile Wall Hanger and Tabard Oval Trays ground these products and impart a sense of earthy contrast to residential spaces. Browns and Caramels are a timeless addition to a wide range of home styles, ensuring these pieces feel at home in your room for a long time.

At Denver Modern we are dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life for your home. Lauren is dedicated to creating warm, modern, visually stunning designs to bring your space to life. We tailor all services to your needs, giving you a customized experience. Whether you're looking for a new home consultation, floor plan creation, or have questions about our products, our design services are here to help you in every way!

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Talk with a design specialist

Booking an appointment with a design specialist can be an excellent way to turn your creative vision into reality.  Whether you're looking to redesign your home or revamp your business, a design specialist can offer valuable insights and expertise to help you achieve your goals. With their guidance, you can create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.