Designing Your Dream Oasis:
Prioritizing Well-being and Mindfulness

We welcome spring with outdoor living, slowing down to enjoy the little moments, and prioritizing shared experiences. We keep mindfulness and well-being in mind in furnishing our outdoor spaces with ergonomic comfort, elevating colors, and a warmer approach to minimalism. So whether it’s healthcare, self-care, care for our belongings, or our culture, we create outdoor spaces that reprioritize well-being over work, community over competition, and the planet over profit. We hope you find inspiration in our Denver Modern designs to create your dream oasis this spring. 

Mindful Comfort

Mindful comfort incorporates wellness-driven details to create a more aesthetic outdoor space with soft rounded shapes, matte surface tactility, and feel-good textiles. Furniture design should help support and shape the body. Ergonomic constructions and modular seating options are essential for accommodating guests. But how can we include this idea with Denver Modern products? We look for settings with softly shaped seating like our Outdoor Vail Lounge, earthy tables, and modular planters. These offer easy accessibility, include feel-good textiles, and offer a soft neutral color palette of pale chalk tones and oat milk to provide a sense of welcoming comfort. 

Warm Minimalism

Next on our list is warm minimalism. We see warm minimalism in more modernized outdoor settings and maximizing the idea of less is more. A refined minimalist aesthetic puts functionality at the front (like our Kylen Outdoor Bench with a planter) and center with softer appearances and pure shape. We see this in streamlined forms like the Jack Lounge Chair, geometric shapes, simple lines, and rounded corners to soften dining tables and armchairs. Denver Modern refines everyday outdoor designs with a soulfully minimalist approach. We experiment with comforting upholstery and slim proportions for a sophisticated and relaxing aesthetic.

Industrial Refresh

Mira Linen Striped Throw
Boomerang Mahogany Coffee Table

We are revitalizing industrial outdoor furnishings with fresh colors, matte powder-coated finishes, and streamlined proportions for a more practical look. Colors like Sage Leaf and Green Fig make it easy to elevate outside spaces to nourish the palette and stay connected with nature. The powder-coated finishes highlight the look of the steel seating and outdoor design like our Outdoor Vail Lounge, and we connect with a warm wood for a grounding effect. Denver Modern maintains a balanced, streamlined silhouette so our products can blend into any aesthetic or setting, making it feel refreshed. 

Precise Repetition

We see precise repetition when updating contemporary outdoor furnishings with a graphic edge. Laser-cut patterns and architectural constructions like our Zander Bench update typical outdoor designs. We love to see steel furnishings with the precise cutout, exploring the interplay between positive and negative space! Another way we can include this careful repetition is with dynamic patterns. See our Chasen Outdoor Rug and how the rug pattern has intricate cutout details. Little details like these create a more enlightened and flexible design in any outdoor space.

Cabin Camping

Mira Linen Striped Throw
Boomerang Mahogany Coffee Table

Last on our list here is the idea of cabin camping. We are tapping into the cozy cabin aesthetic and choosing made-to-last furnishings and accessories that draw people together. This aesthetic inspires us to celebrate the beauty of wood-based design and encourages us to spend more time outdoors. We see this often in hardwood furniture designs like the Zuri Outdoor Stool, featuring solid aged teak. Along with wood, another aspect of the cabin aesthetic is offering lots of seating to accommodate a range of people. This way, it creates familiar comforts, and everyone feels at home.


With all these directions to implement care culture into your outdoor space, we hope to have inspired you to include them in your backyard, patios, decks, and more. We see the demand for flexible, multipurpose products that will remain important as time goes on. We shared our thoughts on these helpful directions because they release the healing and haptic sentiment through the chosen materials, the mood-boosting colors, and the earthy textures that connect us back to nature and get us outside.

Talk with a design specialist

Booking an appointment with a design specialist can be an excellent way to turn your creative vision into reality.  Whether you're looking to redesign your home or revamp your business, a design specialist can offer valuable insights and expertise to help you achieve your goals. With their guidance, you can create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.