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Balancing Color and Comfort in Bedroom Design

When designing a bedroom, we believe in following a less-is-more aesthetic.

When designing a bedroom, we believe in following a less-is-more aesthetic. Crafted simplicity in design embraces minimalism, focusing on warm and organic finishes, selecting pieces with hand-hewn finishes, visible wood grain, chunky weaves, and lush textures that exude tranquility and sophistication to make your bedroom a peaceful and grounding sanctuary. In these two-bedroom settings, we focused on incorporating a subtle palette infused with organic hues and a focus on timeless silhouettes and materials. Using the Arbor Bed as an anchor, we built two bedrooms following these design principles. 

At the heart of crafted simplicity is the idea that every element in the bedroom serves a visual and functional purpose. This approach calls for a careful selection of furnishings and decor, where each piece contributes to the overall harmony of the space. Rather than cluttering the room with many items, the focus shifts towards meaningful choices that evoke a sense of serenity.

Color palettes play a pivotal role in crafting simplicity. Neutral tones and earthy hues make a great foundation, allowing versatility and timeless appeal. A single pop of color or a well-placed artwork can become a captivating focal point within the otherwise subdued color scheme.

A mood board for a bedroom design from Lauren at Denver Modern's Design Services.

Bedroom 1

The dark frame of the Arbor Bed and nightstand in black oak anchors the room. With its beautiful orb shape, the Dew Table/Wall lamp can sit on a nightstand or dresser or get mounted on the wall. Savannah Rug adds visual texture and a cozy feeling underfoot. These darker elements give balance to the warmer textures and tones from the Noel Sideboard, which also offers a clutter-reducing storage solution, the Phoenix Outdoor FootStool (the chunky, cozy texture makes this piece versatile both indoor and out!), and the Vail Lounge Chair in charcoal boucle

A mood board for a bedroom design from Lauren at Denver Modern's Design Services.

Bedroom 2

The classic white oak of the Arbor Bed, Arbor Bedside Table, and creamy Agra Rug in haze ground the space in subtle and warm neutrals. They offer the perfect backdrop for a pop of warm color as a focal point. Inspired by the photograph, In The Details continues the subtle and organic palette with the cream linen Vail Lounge chair. Cozy details round out the design, layering in the Puff Pillow, Freya Linen Throw in fawn, and Talik Velvet Cushion in fawn. 

At Denver Modern, we use crafted simplicity in bedroom design to celebrate thoughtful curation, functional elegance, and meaningful details. It goes beyond the superficial notion of minimalism, embracing a philosophy that honors the balance between aesthetics and purpose, focusing on warm and timeless materials. 

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