Crafting Timeless Elegance: 

Leather Care & Selection Guide 

The Vail Bar & Counter Stools in Pearl Leather

At Denver Modern we are committed to creating modern heirloom furniture, which is why we love the interplay of materials within our products. We carefully choose our leathers as they are an enduring material that will age and evolve with everyday use. Below are tips for taking care of those special leather pieces, and some education about our types of leather to help you select the right leather for your home and lifestyle.

Our leather options can be broken out into two categories: Pure Aniline Leather and Semi-Aniline Leather. Both are top grain Italian leathers, but the different finishing processes affect the feel and color of the leather.

The Vail Stools in Evergreen Leather
The Vail Stools in Wolf Leather

Pure Aniline - (Sunflower, Wolf, Pearl and Evergreen) 

Allows patina and natural markings. These will show the natural characteristics of the leather and its wider tone range, celebrate the innate qualities and beauty of the leather, and break in over time, like your favorite pair of raw denim.

Available on:

Vail Bar & Counter Stools

Coming Soon - Vail Dining Chairs

Coming Soon - Avon Lounge Chair

Coming Soon - Avon Ottoman

Semi Aniline Leathers - (Black and Saddle Leather)

Overall uniform color and protective coating added. More scratch resistant and easy to clean, with a consistent color, and the hide is sanded and buffed before dying for a smoother and consistent texture.

Available on:

Vail Bar & Counter Stools

Vail Dining Chair

Vail Lounge Chair

Vail Ottoman

Aspen Bench


The Vail Stools in Saddle Leather
Close up of the textures found in the Ellipse Sofa from Ethnicraft

Regular Care:

Dust your leather! Dust can dry out your leather (especially in a dry climate like Colorado), so be sure to keep your pieces dust-free. Using a gentle leather cleaner and leather lotion will keep your leather healthy and moisturized. And over time our full aniline leathers will patina and wear in, but continue to dust!


Blot your spills quickly and do your best not to rub. You want to absorb the spill rather than spread it. Over time the protein fibers in the leather will disperse the stain and blend into the overall look and character of your chair, one of the benefits of using a living material.


Your leather will scratch as you live with it and use it. For noticeable scratches, you can use the heat of your hand or a blow dryer to buff out the leather. Heat will draw the natural oils of the hide to the surface and fade the appearance of the scratch.


If possible, keep your pieces out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause fading to all leathers. Be sure to rotate your stools if some are in sunnier spaces than others, and cover with a throw blanket for a stylish sun-repellent.

Leather is an elegant and long-lasting material. We are committed to using ethically sourced leathers that are finished beautifully so your pieces will live with you for many years to come.

We carefully choose our leathers as they are an enduring material that will age and evolve with everyday use
The Vail Bar & Counter Stools in Sunflower Leather
The Vail Bar & Counter Stools in Evergreen

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