Mixed Modern Styling featuring the Avon Lounge Chair

For Spring, Denver Modern is drawing inspiration from the Mixed Modern aesthetic, a main trend we are focusing on for 2023. Rooms and spaces that are constructed with a great deal of design flexibility, warm and earthy material palettes of wood and concrete, with intentional materials providing a nuanced, textural backdrop for the minimalist decor. Here we wanted to show you how the Avon Lounge Chair consciously integrates into this trend. 

Mixed Modern is the idea that consumers can warm up their homes with products that can be lived in or designed to be interacted with daily. At Denver Modern, we embrace the cozy minimalist and rustic natural designs that turn our homes into sanctuaries. Introducing a sense of retreat, we mix soft materials, warm woods, and bold metals to turn homes into healing spaces. 

Avon Lounge Chair
Avon Lounge Chair
Avon Lounge Chair

Homes that heal the soul and blur the boundaries between indoors and out will increase in importance in 2023 as an antidote to unsettled times. We know COVID created some crazy situations we never dreamed of, but this is why consumers are focusing more on their spaces. The Avon Lounge and Ottoman integrate warm neutral tones such as dusky pinks and sandy beiges with the vegetable-tanned leather sling. The leather will patina with time, giving the Avon a unique and enduring beauty.

We also know that Curved Comfort is critical in 2023. The Avon Lounge and Ottoman offer beautifully sculpted, delicate lines for subtle sophistication and solid support. The contoured lounge seat provides a feeling of being hugged, especially with a tactile fabric like Himalaya.

Mixed Modern is what we know as creating a therapeutic space, which includes mixing materials and bringing nature from outside to create that added interest and calm. Avon’s Himalaya fabric is a sustainable material made of 100% recycled polyester (talk about keeping nature in mind!). The white oak frame combines modern joinery, and the brass pins secure the leather sling for the perfect subtle detail finish. The natural elements of the fabric, wood, and brass unite together to provide balance and harmony.

Let’s look at some examples of Denver Modern products representing Mixed Modern from this stylized image below.

Avon Lounge Chair

To start, we have the Mira Linen Striped Throw. This throw is used as a softer textile accent for added warmth and comfort and embraces that “cozy” in Mixed Modern. (Image 1 below)

Next, we have the Boomerang Mahogany Coffee Table. This piece adopts the warm woods with rich, dark brown Mahogany. We also like this table for this trend because it’s pebble-shaped. Mixed Modern brings in a lot of notes of nature and serenity into a space, so this curved silhouette imitates the outdoors and is an excellent nature-influenced accent.

(Image 2)

The Strata Side Table, a Denver Modern staple, has the hard and soft we look for with materials. The natural colors of the Strata Side Table combine real wood and steel for a mixed-material look to match your modern home. (Image 3)

Mixed Modern styling is all about making it your own by fully embracing this trend with cozy materials, playful curves, and nature-inspired colors! Denver Modern prides itself on having a broad product assortment that allows you to mix and match, making your home a sanctuary. The Avon Lounge and Ottoman are the perfect mixes of modern: the neutral dusky pink leather sling, curved wooden silhouette, soft Himalaya fabric, and shiny brass pins. Check out our Avon Lounge Chair and Avon Ottoman to continue creating the perfect restorative space for your home.

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