Maple Brown Leather

Achieve the vintage look without sacrificing modern performance with our newest material, now available on Denver Modern favorites. 

Modern luxury meets the comfort of tradition

Expertly crafted in Italy, this material invites warmth and a sense of timelessness into a luxury living space.

Your home, your sanctuary

Maple Brown leather seamlessly integrates into your home, striking the perfect balance between style and comfort and creating a look that says, “welcome.” It's the kind of luxury material that's elegant, inviting, and buttery soft for Sunday afternoon naps but sleek enough to dress up for dinner parties.

Excellence in craftsmanship

Utilizing traditional techniques with modern innovations, Maple Brown leather undergoes a careful tanning process, treated with oils and waxes to achieve a distinct worn-in look. Don’t be fooled by its softness—it’s unmatched in durability and resistant to scratching and stains.

Crafted in Italy

Redefines casual leather with its unparalleled sophistication and exceptional softness.

100% Leather

Crafted from genuine leather, each piece promises unmatched quality and durability

Clean Air Gold Certified

Leathers are eco-friendly and safe, meeting top standards for low emissions.

Elevate the everyday

A full grain leather, every chair or ottoman made with Maple Brown Leather tells its own story. It makes each piece warm, inviting, and distinct, developing a unique patina that reflects your lifestyle and values.

  • Anline Plus Finish
  • Sophisticated and soft 
  • Varying hues of color 
  • Worn-in aesthetic
  • Vintage Look

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The most common questions about Maple Brown leather, answered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, click the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen and we’ll happily answer any other questions you might have.

How to keep Maple Brown leather clean?

Daily: Live with Your Leather

Our leather is designed to be lived in. Like your favorite jeans, it improves with time, developing a unique patina that reflects your lifestyle. Let it age gracefully with you.

Monthly: Dusting Off

Keep dust at bay to prevent your leather from drying and cracking. Regular wiping with a dry cloth will do the trick, keeping your leather in top condition.

As Needed: Simple Care Tips

  • Cleaning: For spills, blot immediately with a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. A mild dish soap and water solution can be used sparingly if necessary.
  • Scratches: Light scratches can often be smoothed out with the warmth of your hand or a blow dryer, allowing the leather's natural oils to conceal them.

Are the covers removable on any products that feature Maple Brown?

The Vail Lounge Chair, Vail Ottoman, Avon Lounge Chair, and Avon Ottoman feature easily removable covers, with additional covers available for purchase to refresh or redefine your space. Shop covers here.

Which products feature the Maple Brown leather?

The Maple Brown leather collection includes an exquisite range of products: the Vail Lounge Chair, Vail Ottoman, Vail Stools, Vail Dining Chairs, Range Counter Stools, Avon Lounge Chair, and Avon Ottoman, each embodying luxury and sophistication.

Will sun damage/fade the Maple Brown leather?

To maintain the pristine condition of your Maple Brown leather products, it's advisable to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Where is the Maple Brown leather made?

Crafted in Italy, the Maple Brown leather showcases the epitome of sophistication and softness, redefining casual luxury.

Can I get a swatch of the Maple Brown leather?